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I have watched Marian's work progress through her second career as an artist, enjoyed the art she has shared, and am fortunate to have some in my personal collection. It has been a privilege to help with this website as well as the production of a limited edition book. Through this process, I've had the honor of seeing a wonderful body of work that is as rich and inspirational as she is to us all. Thank you, Marian, for sharing your work - and your life - with us! - Karyn Carpenter, Washington State, photographer, site designer

My mother's art documents her life, her surrounding natural environment and the events of her time. Time and again, through her vision reflected in her art, I've come to see the uniqueness and importance of an "ordinary" thing or an "every day" experience. Her art also reflects her positive attitude, her sense of humor, and her interest in all that goes on around her. It is extraordinary how it is all there, in each and every image. - Annie Stromquist, Long Beach CA, visual artist

Marian Shuff has been an inspirational artist in my life for many years. Her mastery of so many printmaking techniques and her sensitivity to her subject matter are what is most attractive about her work. I find her work fresh and full of surprises, and I think her humanity shines through each piece. - Amy Uyeki, Arcata CA, visual artist

Several years ago we found one of Marian Shuff's Prints, DeGray VII, (1989), at a studio exhibit of her daughter and dear friend of ours, Annie Stromquist. We immediately fell in love with it and found, to our delight, it was for sale. It has been in our den for all of these years and is one of the first things we look at when we go into the den at any time of the day. We have so enjoyed the detail, the tones and imagery, of the picture. We count it among our very favorite prints, along with those of her daughter. Roger and Lynn O'Leary-Archer, Los Angeles, CA

I am not a judge of art but I do have a strong feeling for people. The artwork which Sis has produced through the years has given her much personal satisfaction. It is what music is for some, or enjoying reading a book is for others. Some people have problems finding something to do, but not Sis. She is a hard worker and has put much in her life for fulfillment. Her art falls in this category. I can not say enough about the importance of using your talents as a means of enjoying life. I am proud of what she has done and, hopefully, will continue to do! - Pete and Mary Hughes, Parsons KS

Marian Shuff is an inspiration to me. After she concluded a long and distinguished career as an educator, I love that she pursued her passion for art. Marian's art documents her travels and her life in Arkansas with her bold, rich images. - Rees Hughes, Arcata CA

Marian obviously has quite a talent for art which, as far as I know, was hidden until her 60's.  I'm glad she's had the last twenty five years to enjoy it and share it with others! - Griff Hughes, Osage Beach MO

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