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Marian Shuff was born in Fort Scott, Kansas, and raised in nearby Parsons. Her career as an educator included teaching in junior and senior high schools and in two universities, Pittsburg State University and Eastern Illinois University. After retiring in 1980 with her husband, Robert, to Arkadelphia, Arkansas, she began taking art classes at Henderson State University, taking two or more a year for eighteen years.

Her work has appeared in numerous exhibitions throughout the area and has been added to many collections. Currently, she maintains a home based art studio and continues her creative activities there. She is very active in her community and is a voracious reader. Marian has participated in numerous shows and her work is cherished by numerous private collectors. At 91 years of age, she continues to be creative, feisty and an inspiration to all who know her.

Artist Statement

I love to be creative - to have a block of open ended time to get lost in some kind of self expression. I like to express my love of nature, the smell of the outdoors, the feel of breezes, and to develop images that transfer these feelings into something tangible. I also like people, and the fact that no two are ever alike. That no one is ever the same from minute to minute fascinates me...

My favorite form of self expression is making prints, and etchings are, for me, the most exciting. Taking my idea from a sketch, through decisions of size, color, shape, depth, into acid baths and onto the printing press is extremely invigorating. The process is always invigorating, whether the result is as I dreamed it would be or not.

I also find pleasure in using oils on canvas. Many times I have found my inspirations in new things I see when

traveling. To preserve the excitement of new places, I paint them. I also enjoy working with clay, and using my camera and computer to design note paper.

Sharing my work with others adds another dimension to the joy I receive from creating. I appreciate hearing what others see in my work

I have a small studio that is used only for art—it never has to be used for anything else, so is always ready for what I try to create. Please come join me in it!

I recently moved from Arkadelphia Arkansas to Hot Springs and I would love to hear from you. E-mail me by clicking here.

New Blog

I have recently started a blog and invite you to follow along. "Life In Our Nineties" will introduce you to interesting people and events, proving that there is richness in life at all ages.


Marian Shuff - photo Karyn L. Carpenter

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